HR Vision, mission and values



To be ranked as no. 1 private University in the UAE, and, therefore be the university of choice for high quality students in the UAE and surrounding regions.


To be recognized as a TOP provider of a high quality of educational services:

  • Enable graduates to achieve high-level professional objectives and assume leadership roles by acquiring up-to-date knowledge and advanced skills.
  • Offer a broad range of degree programs relevant to the needs of the UAE and GCC countries.
  • Enable students to develop critical thinking skills, and impart to them the values of lifelong learning.
  • Improve AUST research activity by establishing research groups, and increase research funding.
  • Broaden the number of offered Graduate programs and establish Doctoral programs.
  • Retain outstanding Faculty and Staff.
  • Re-enforce the current framework for quality enhancement involving both internal and external assessments.
  • Promote important aspects of professional life, such as ethical behavior, responsibility, community engagement, and ideals.

AUST has adopted the following set of values, which guide the behaviours of staff in all parts of the University. These are also values we expect our graduates to develop and refine through their learning at AUST:

. Passion: we love what we do.

. Creativity: we are innovative and imaginative.

. Collaboration: we share knowledge, expertise and resources.

. Integrity: we are honest, ethical and reliable.

. Courage: we speak our mind, take the initiative, and are steadfast in our decisions.

. Exceptional performance: we encourage everyone to shine; to go above-and-beyond.

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